More punk than play-school” (anon)

Cloudspotting returns with a bang this year – and these seasoned showmen, who specialise in smaller, more intimate bespoke experiences, promise to bring high quality family engagement throughout the festival weekend.    So let us introduce Gacko, Ian Douglas the Storyteller and Professor Pumpernickel.  The three of them will bring their highly original take on festival entertainment, bringing workshop sessions, story-telling, lunacy and boundless enthusiasm to the happy forest.

Uke Can do It – A fun and easy workshop for 40 people, audience members will learn a few simple Ukulele chords and will work up a few songs / rock anthems before performing to an even wider audience.  Sessions will be fun, simple and open to everyone. 

Gacko Trunks 

Proudly promenading with Dolly, his peripatetic perambulator of performance, ‘Gacko’ is ever ready to unload his curious cargo of songs, stories and routines. This wandering vagabond showman will explore the nooks and crannies of Cloudspotting 2021 in his own inimitable fashion, encouraging oodles of participation along the way.