Festival Reviews

Cloudspotting is closely regarded as something of a best-kept secret. We have had a few reviewers down the years, however…
Press / Website Reviews

‘The walk back to camp was hazy, but I got chatting to a friendly festival steward who was clocking off for the night and I returned to camp with a contented smile and great memories of a unique festival experience.’

Nick Lakin (Lancaster Guardian)

‘Perfect for families, our eight-year-old son was soon off playing with minimal supervision and we felt comfortable enough with him doing so.

Nick Lakin (Lancaster Guardian)

“There are people saying that there are too many music festivals these days. However, why should there only be a few major regional events, with the accompanying big crowds, travel chaos and heavy commercialisation?
Why not have smaller events that we can all easily get to, which are more comfortable all round, can give more exposure to local bands and which still attract big names? The Cloudspotting Music and Arts Festival seems to fulfil this role admirably.”

John Bentley (Gig Junkies)

“Most festivals profess to be family friendly these days, so it can be difficult to figure out which ones actually are. Some stick a bouncy castle next to the bar so parents can drink in peace, others have brilliant arts and entertainment programmes for little revellers running alongside their musical line-up. Cloudspotting, refreshingly, is one of the latter.”

Antonia Charlesworth (Big Issue North)

Audience Reviews

“We had such a wonderful time at Cloudspotting. As festival virgins it surpassed my expectations. Such a lovely vibe and great folk. Introduced me to new and interesting music not on my radar. Spot on!”

“Fantastic festival. Magical experiences made memories for life. This festival has a heart! We all enjoyed it. Thanks x”

“Well done for your hard work – it is appreciated and makes happy memories.”

“Thank you so much for an amazing experience into festival atmosphere. Please do it again!!!”

“Absolutely wonderful festival. The perfect size with wonderful acts and activities especially for children. Please don’t make it too much bigger! It’s truly unique.”

“Please do it again. Fantastic location, fantastic music, fantastic activities, fantastic people and fantastic beer.”

“Loved the ambience. Great selection of music, excellent food stalls, good variety of drink…wonderful!”

“We’ve been to many motorbike rallies and music gigs over the years but this was our first festival. It was an absolute pleasure. The people, kids, volunteers, staff, musicians, made it a wonderful do.”

“The volunteers were incredible including making sure we could get off the field without caravan on the Monday. They went above and beyond and it was appreciated massively.”

“An awesome festival which is our main holiday! Keep it small and friendly, it’s what makes it special. Thanks for a perfect weekend!”

“Keep up the good work things will naturally evolve. Don’t let it grow too big. Perfect amount of people attended for a nice family vibe.”

“Cloudspotting is the highlight of our year, a chance to meet up with family and friends I a beautiful setting with a huge range of activities catering to all ages. We love it!”

“An amazing festival, thank you to the Cloudspotting team for organising such a special, magical event.”

“The most intimate festival we’ve ever attended!”

“Never been to a festival before, but was blown away by this, never danced so much. I love the size of the festival, you don’t feel that you’re missing anything. Thank you so much!”

“The kids had a fantastic time, there was something there for all ages. The arts activities were really well facilitated and worked for very young and also older children. We all had a fantastic time.”