Proporí are a truly magical and unique musical experience, with spellbinding vocals, enigmatic lyrics and superb instrumentation” Mark Corrin (Salford City Radio)

Collective conjurers of composition, stranded in the cracks of time; Lancashire outfit Propori are a highly original band of seasoned music makers, drawing on a rich tapestry of rhythm, rhyme and reason; reflecting and deflecting from the unreal world they inhabit. 

Led by the song-writing talents of Mark Luko, their sound is a distinctive progressive folk guitar style, infused with a Latin/Spanish/Eastern touch with deep, burgeoning lyrics that hide nothing from the listener. At times it’s like the soundtrack to a Béla Tarr or David Lynch movie that has yet to be made.

Stunningly beautiful and unique music from the hills of Northern England; the music of Proporí is designed around an energy that is untouchable, yet undeniably present.

Check Proporí’s beautiful video for When The Heart Wants To Break here: