“The Kind of idiosyncrasy cult fan-bases are built on.” VENUE MAGAZINE

Ichi, from Nagoya in Japan, takes the notion of a one-man band to new limits, combining his quirky handmade instrument inventions (Stilt-bass, Kalilaphone, Balloon-pipes, Hatbox-pedal-drum, Tapumpet, Percussion-shoes and Hattrick-hat) with steel-drum, ping-pong balls, typewriter, toys and everyday objects all in the space of one short set. Somehow there’s an ancient, ritualistic feel to his performances – he’s like the misplaced leader of a tribe. To see ICHI live is to witness something so playful and unusual you know that you’re experiencing something entirely new. It’s fun, it’s danceable, it`s exciting. With his simple concepts and playful presentation ICHI has universal appeal and tours extensively as a solo artist in Japan, the UK, Europe, and further afield. He has played at many festivals worldwide including End of the Road, Latitude, Glastonbury, Green Man, Wilderness, Camp Bestival, Timber, Fusixon (Berlin), Clockengrapp (Hong Kong) and Wordless Music Festival (New York).