Honey Feet

“Seldom has conspicuous greatness been more accessible” – CityLife

Evoking the afro-funk of Mulatu Atstake, the exuberant folk of Flook, and the blues of Junior Wells without ever sounding contrived or unoriginal, Honeyfeet have for some years been a conduit for the ideas and expressions of an exotic mixture of Manchester based musicians. Jazz, Yes, Soul, yes, blues, yes some of that. Folk? Stick that in there! Hip-hop? I thought you’d never ask! Someone once called it Folk-Hop and Barrelhouse-pop, and that’s just vague enough to make sense. 

Whatever it is this legendary Manchester 6 piece have the skill, charm and (frankly)the tunes to pull it all together into a joyful, foot-banging sound.  Honeyfeet have spent the past 8 years tearing around festival stages and theatres, clubs and fields melting down blues, soul, pop, jazz and soul pushing air molecules around with instruments and making lots of friends in the process.  It helps that they are fronted by Ríoghnach Connolly, Real World’s newest signing and “a remarkable singer and flautist who…can ease from Irish traditional influences to soul” (The Guardian).

To put it simply Honeyfeet are quite unlike any band on the circuit, with their infectiously danceable groove, guttural passion and impeccable style. They are a band of the highest quality who manage to keep their sticky feet on the ground rooted in musical integrity, whilst soaring to the high with their revelrous spirit.

Since they last performed at Cloudspotting in 2016, Honeyfeet released their brilliant “Orange Whip” album in March 2018, bringing them to a widening audience and omnipresence on the airwaves of the more discerning radio stations.

We are very pleased to welcome them back to kickstart our Saturday night party.