Dog Daisies

“A wonderful EP of wide-eyed bedroom pop” Secret Meeting Blog

Dog Daisies is a lush experimental indie-pop band from Lancaster. Based around the home-studio adventures of songwriter Stephen Hudson, the music is inspired by midnight walks, 80’s films, motorways and the Lancashire coastline. Debut EP A River Runs Through It which came out on indie label Bingo Records is ace, featuring four tracks overflowing with melody, surreal lyrics, moments of joyful guitar pop and playful sonic experimentation. Even the format the songs appeared on was an expression of fun; 4 limited edition colour postcards with accompanying daisy seeds, designed by Stephen’s label-mates and pals from the Bingo roster.

2019 began with a show opening for Cloudspotting favourite Rozi Plain and this year looks set to get a whole lot busier with multiple releases from the band. The first of these are a couple of EPs An Inland Voyage Pt.1 & Pt.2. two hastily written and recorded collections of widescreen-lofi pop songs. Although Stephen has performed at the festival under his previous incarnation (as himself!), this will be the first Dog Daisies appearance at Cloudspotting.