Bill Ryder-Jones

“The end result is an album that you sink into, which gradually envelops you: moving, painful and elating in equal measure.” (Alex Petridis, The Guardian)

Bill has long been a consideration for Cloudspotting billing. His most recent album ‘Yawn’ dropped in November 2018 on Domino Records and after a few listens, it soon gestated into one of those albums it was difficult to be without. Like some kind of comfort blanket. Packed with emotion and laced with introspection, Bill’s sprawling songs conjure beauty, space and purity.

A buckle-up and knuckle-down listen that rewards the listeners’ attention with motifs and melodies that play hide and seek but never fail to deliver on those between-the-lines verities. This musical belief of delayed gratification is something Bill learnt from classical music as a child, from Elgar and Debussy in particular –and over the long hall of his short life, you can hear these riches being polished on Yawn. With nods to American brethren like Pavement and Red House Painters, Bill’s whispered vocals are counterpointed by brooding, layered instrumentation, resulting in an intimacy, honesty and majesty we feel will resonate with our audience and environment, whether you are familiar with his music of not. To say we are looking forward to this one is an understatement indeed.