We are thrilled to reconfirm our Leaf Label showcase for Cloudspotting 2021 after losing last year’s festival to the pandemic. The Leaf Label was created in 1994 by Tony Morley and relocated to Leeds (from London) in 2006. Over a 27 year lifespan it has released incredible music from over 50 artists and we feel the three acts we present at this year’s festival represent the label’s adventurous output.

On the Saturday evening of the festival we welcome Snapped Ankles, Sarathy Korwar and Keeley Forsyth.   

Snapped Ankles have made a massive impact on the UK’s alternative festival circuit over the past couple of years and their new album “Forest of Your Problems” – released in early July – could not have been timed much better.

Sarathy Korwar’s 2019 award-winning album More Arriving was a triumph for the Leaf Label. A blend of Indo-jazz, Indian classical music, hip-hop, dub and spoken word are connected seamlessly while putting the voices of the South Asian diaspora front and centre. He has followed this up with some

Keeley Forsyth starkly brilliant debut ‘Debris’ came out literally weeks before the whole world went into lockdown. These artists have all been starved of live opportunities to support their immense studio output so we are delighted to be showcasing them at Cloudspotting.