Keeley Forsyth

“Debris is an astonishing debut, not just for the power of the songs, but for the journey they trace”
8/10 Uncut

Beginning our showcase of the exceptional Leaf Record label, we welcome Keeley Forsyth, a singer, composer and actor from o’er Oldham way.

Her debut album Debris, an intimate document of personal change, stopped us in our tracks in the January of 2020, two months later the world pretty much stopped in its tracks too. 

With its minimal arrangements placing her collections and dissections of sometimes harrowing experiences front and centre, Debris showcases her elemental voice and an outpouring of candid, haunting lyrics detailing the seismic ruptures that took place behind closed doors.

Keeley first made her name as an actor and while the creation of music has been a constant feature in her life, she’s taken a long road to its release. Songs are in equal parts fragile and monolithic, ghostly and corporeal, tender and potent, cathartic and stirring. Her early evening slot in the forest promises to be a unforgettable encounter with a deeply intuitive and singular musician.