Gideon Conn

“I don’t believe in genres. I believe in songs.”

A cursory browse around Gideon Conn’s website tells its own story about his malleability as an artist.

Illustrator, sculptor, song-writer, musician; this ‘national treasure’ has been forging his career in music and performance since 2007. 

His latest album “Being Gideon” released on WahWah45s in November, 2019, came from an artist perfectly comfortable in his own skin.  It’s a warm collection of vignettes, marrying hip hop beats and guitar licks with typically wry, observational and at times introspective lyrics. 

Conn’s idiosyncratic perspective on life and art has always found favour with Cloudspotting audiences.  He performed with a band at the very first event back in 2011 when his debut album ‘New Bop Sounds’ and a rendition of the cult classic ‘the man who sells fish’ left a lasting impression on an unsuspected massed gathering.  He has since returned twice in a solo capacity, so it is with great pleasure we mark his fourth studio album with a fourth visit to the festival to toast our 10th anniversary.