Q1. What plans will be in place to deal with mitigation of Covid-19 ?
The Cloudspotting organisers – in tandem with Forestry England – will be monitoring government guidance and updating protocols right up to the delivery of the festival.
We are working with a medical organisation (NorWest Medical) on our Event Safety planning and will be taking measures to ensure that all communications and processes are adhered to. All our efforts will be focussed on creating a safe environment for our audience members, staff, volunteers and artists.
Some of this risk mitigation will be planned into our site plan and expansion of our allowable camping capacity will mean that safe distance can be applied between camping ‘bubbles’. We will have an increased volunteer team on the festival this year, increased showering and toilet capacity, and plenty of sanitation stations to keep those hands clean.
Cloudspotting accommodates in the region of 500 audience members, so is a relatively low density population in festival terms, with almost all the attractions in the open air or under cover with open sides.
Q2. Why July and not June?
We moved the date of the 2021 festival to coincide with the Government ‘road map’ published in February outlining the easing out of lockdown. We felt it was too much of a risk to run the festival on June 18-20, given that the deadline of June 21 was the date given for the final lifting of restrictions. We expect the festival to return to the June ‘solstice’ weekend in 2022.
Q3. What will the site layout look like?
The site layout will be slightly adapted from the 2019 festival. Running the festival later in the summer provides us with more space, as the protected meadow, behind the courtyard and buildings, will have been cut for hay, meaning a much more spacious area to camp. All the campers and live-in vehicles will be accommodated in this field. In turn, this will allow our activity areas to be spread out a bit, with the return of the Village Green as a venue for family activities and an area at the bottom of the meadow for The Grand Cavalcade to take place.
Q4. How do you become a volunteer?
Cloudspotting is indebted to the work of its volunteers and stewarding team to keep people safe and sure a happy flow around the festival. If you would like to join our fantastic team and help deliver the event and look after our festival community, we request that you give up 20 hours minimum during a period of 4 days on site with us (Thursday, July 22nd – Monday 26th). We will not require every volunteer for the full duration but reliability, responsibility, compassion and friendliness are the qualities we look to take these roles.
If you would like to join our team, please contact us on email via spottingclouds@gmail.com – or call Matt on 07967 634683 for more details.
Q5. I have a live-in vehicle – do I have to buy a parking ticket too ?
Every vehicle you bring to Cloudspotting needs to be covered with a ticket. If you bring a live-in vehicle that is self-contained, you just have buy a live-in vehicle parking pass. If you bring a caravan, you will require a live-in parking pass for the camping field and a separate car parking pass for your car. Once you have dropped off your caravan, your car needs to be parked on the car park. NO CARS ARE PERMITTED TO BE PARKED ON THE CAMPING FIELD.
Q6. Can I bring an awning for my live-in vehicle ?
Yes – the pitches are approximately 8m wide by 9m deep so ample space between you and the next line-in vehicle. There are limited pitches for live-in vehicles, don’t leave it too late to book.
Q7. Is there electric hook-up for live-in vehicles?
No – sorry we’re not there yet!
Q8. Can I bring a gazebo ?
This year the camp site will be split up between individual pitches and an open area for more communal camping. We’d ask campers to be considerate, please only bring a gazebo if you are in a fairly large ‘bubble’ with other friends or family members, while we are trying to make more space for everyone, we would request people do not bring unnecessary large tents and extra accessories for the sake of it.
Q9. Can we have camp-fires?
Sorry campfires won’t be permitted on the camping field itself – but a BBQ for cooking food (on bricks) is allowable. Please talk to the campsite volunteers who might be able to help you (with a brick or two?). There will be at least one stewarded, festival fire in the forest late at night.
Q10. Can we bring our dog?
Sorry, Cloudspotting is no-dog festival, anyone found with one will be asked to take their dog home immediately.