Christian Madden Band

I actually feel like crying with joy.” Bandcamp

It’s nice on our 10th birthday to have a few people around the party who were there at the beginning. That’s certainly the case with crack keyboardist Christian Madden and his band, many of whom raised the roof of the Aspinall Arms way back in February 2011 when all the fun started at a memorable after-show party.

Christian has had a few outings at Cloudspotting down the years – playing with Ofay in 2012, King Creosote and The Earlies and Tokolosh in 2013, The Earlies and Tokolosh at 2015, but this will be a first appearance under his own name along with his musical comrades.  He’s spent the past few years playing organ in Liam Gallagher’s band – touring all over the world, living the high life, living forever. 

His second album, Understand The Rules (1-3) brings things back down to earth.  It’s a marriage of many of the idioms that Christian holds dear: funk, soul, brassy jazz, dark prog.  Head nodding, infectious grooving and widescreen enough to whip the audience up into a late afternoon collective hip sway.